Introduction to Master of Business Administration (MBA)

An MBA is the postgraduate course or degree programme which is provided by university or college. This course includes theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge with training and internship. This training, as well as the programme, helps to improve the performance and increase the understanding of general business working and management functions.



The MBA programme specifically focused on the accounting, financing, marketing, human resource management, international business etc.

Master of business administration is a two-year full-time course for the students who want to make their career in corporate and management sector. The full term 60 credit courses have to be done to achieve the degree.

Master of business administration degree is an internationally and globally accepted master’s certificate or degree on the postgraduate level.

Importance of an MBA degree

  • MBA helps to increase your theoretical knowledge and make a strong base for your future.
  • MBA is the best degree which helps you to gain more and more practical knowledge as well as provide you opportunities to test your knowledge with the help of various internships, group assignments, individual working projects, trainings, and group or individual presentations.
  • MBA helps you to build skills in the key areas of management and leadership.
  • MBA helps also to improve the personal skills such as communication skills, motivation skills, and decision-making skills.
  • MBA opens up the wide doors for global opportunities to make career and future growth.
  • MBA helps you to understand the basics of entrepreneurship.
  • MBA allows starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur.

Types of MBA degree

  1. Full-time Master of Business Administration programme

A full-time master of business administration programme is a complete two tears programme. It requires full-time attendance so studying while working is not possible.

  1. Accelerated Master of Business Administration programme

An accelerated master in business administration programme is an eighteen months course. It is similar to full-time masters or post graduation course but it will be less down in time between the working semesters.

  1. Part-time/ weekend Master of Business Administration

A part-time/ weekend master in business administration programme is a +3 years course. So working and studying is quite easier. The drawback is that it takes a long period to be completed.

  1. Executive Master of Business Administration

An executive master in business administration programme is a typically weekends or evening classes to accommodate working of a full-time work schedule.

  1. Online/distance learning Master in Business Administration programme

Online/distance learning MBA programme is a course which can be followed from home or remote locations as well as while working.

  1. Global Master of Business Administration programme

Global MBA programme is a programme which is open to all over the world. It has a culturally diverse classroom and the curriculum is based on global business affairs.

Specialisations on Offer in Master of Business Administration 

  • MBA in human resource
  • MBA in marketing
  • MBA in communication
  • MBA in project management
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in information management
  • MBA in sales
  • MBA international business
  • MBA in finance

Career Opportunities of an MBA

  1. Higher salaries and pay packages – Doing an MBA from the best college not only increase the chances of better placement and career opportunities but also improve the chances of getting higher salary than others in the crowd. So if anyone wants to increase the chances of better pay packages and working on a top-level management, and master of business administration degree is a must.
  2. Better Networking opportunities – Master of business administration is a degree which helps you to create a huge network and greater business networking opportunities. Universities and colleges give you chances of getting to know or interact which professionals in this field that have great on-field working experience.
  3. A chance to enhance new skills and knowledge – An MBA programme is one of the best programmes that help you to enhance your career opportunities. This programme helps to increase the new skills.
  4. Prepare for management at the top level – Master in business administrations helps students for senior or top-level management and their roles in the corporate sectors. With the help of various internship and trainings master in business administration helps students to prepare for the future problems.
  5. Increase the chances of entrepreneurship opportunities – The biggest advantages of an MBA is helping to shape the career and become an entrepreneur. It gives student chances which help to increase the knowledge and learn skills to start your own business. This course helps to manage the risk and relationship management in a business.

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