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Our thrust towards fulfilling our mission of developing competent & effective business leaders of tomorrow is implemented through effective programmes:

ERP-SAP Training With Specialization Modules

The integration of information technology into MBA curriculum in the past concentrated on imparting IT skills to students and/or using it as a technology-based aid for improving the teaching and learning effectiveness and efficiencies . The SAP ERP application supports the essential functions of business processes and operations efficiently and is tailored to specific needs of the corporate. By Incorporating SAP and other ERP programs  into curriculum IBMR  has succeeded  in  providing  an active learning environment for  students  and hence  has improved upon  the comparability and marketability of the students .The ERP-SAP provides an invaluable experience for students, faculty, and industry. It bridges the gap between the skills of MBA graduates and those required by industry. The training of business process integration concepts and ERP software has proved as milestone and is expected to increase the employability of the students in the future.

Relevance of Foreign Language Training

Language is a medium of communication. Languages are means of expression and can become link for joining dissimilar cultures .As globalization, mobility and communications have brought the world ever closer together, more urgent is the need for global citizens to be competent in other languages .With the advent of increase in globalization knowing many languages improves one’s cognitive skills and interpretive abilities.To enable students to greatly benefit in their careers by virtue of knowledge of a foreign language, the institute encourages students to learn a foreign language .With regard to increase impact of cross culture in business IBMR offers multiple foreign language training .The IBMR students  are required to address the demand for language-sensitive work offshore  and their adaptability increases as an outcome of foreign language study. In studying a foreign language, a student faces totally new ideologies and thus learns to adapt to diversity.


IBMR Gurgaon provides international ,industrial and academic tour for for global exposure -

a fun and learning experience delightlfully interwined.

 Strengthening The Teaching Pedagogy

Institution of higher learning plays a very important role to produce a human capital that is highly knowledgeable and skillful to meet the demand and expectations of corporate. IBMR has dedicated staff with vast experience, expertise, and strong research base .The skills and knowledge of the teachers at IBMR are upgraded regularly to make them well verse with the latest industry trends so that they can impart knowledge of latest trends and techniques to the students.The teaching and learning processes in institutions of higher learning should be capable to provide such knowledge and skills to future graduates.IBMR delivers curriculum using an innovative approach that includes development of programmes , value added course  based on industry and academic inputs, classroom teaching is coupled with web based contents, application based pedagogy, continuous assessment, organized feedback from students and further improvisation of teaching techniques. Theory with practical application is the main focus of the pedagogy. The teaching methods followed by the institute are very innovative including maximum practical exposure and are dynamic enough to motivate the students participate in them with full enthusiasm and enable higher retention of the course content, thus making the programmes overall more effective. IBMR has well defined objectives which collaboratively work towards a single goal of imparting quality education to the students and inculcating in them the desired skill set and knowledge required by the industry. Along side the students are provided with state of the art infrastructure, technology and equipment required to carry on the teaching process in a more synchronized manner.

Pedagogy Used In Teaching Is Based On Lectures And Tutorials, Practical Sessions ,Seminars , Guest Lectures ,Case Based Teaching, Group Discussions , Mock Interviews , Activity Based Class Discussion , Presentations, Inspirational Video Films, Brain Storming , Quiz , Test, Written Assignment, Situational Analysis ,Industrial visits, Live projects etc.

Industrial visits & training

The institution organizes visits to a large number of industries to give an exposure to the students about various types of industries, their job contents, and work ethos and how they fulfill the needs of the society. In addition, On the job training is organized for students in selected industries and business organizations for a period of time on the regular basis. The institute also organizes visits to trade fairs to enable students to assimilate the industrial development across our country as well as across the various industrial sectors.

Sports And Cultural Celebrations Are Essentials of IBMR

In order to transform students into healthy managers, with all-round development, the institute provides a multitude of opportunities for sports and other extracurricular and cultural activities.

 “A Healthy Mind Lives In A Healthy Body” is not only a proverb for us, we encourage all our students to actively participate in sports. The institute has a sports club and students participate in cricket, volleyball, badminton and table tennis for which facilities are available in  institute premises. The need for cultural assimilation and developing a healthy respect for the varied cultural facets and religions of our country is our major objective. Institute imbibes cultural and religious harmony amongst our students through various actions such as celebration of festivals of various communities, having cultural events during institute festivals and annual day celebrations and likewise. In addition we have different functional  clubs encompassing specialization  fields, sports, arts and culture which provides the students the platform to develop skills in extra co-curricular fields and find the space to develop and participate in areas which provides them personal joy and happinessalong with the professional competency.

IBMR Students – A Step towards Being A Responsible Citizen

Students also contribute to the world around them through social service projects, such as organizing blood donation camps and environmental protection programmes. The institute promotes the development of a spirit of humanity in our students so as to promote love for people , patriotism , team spirit, love of nature and more importantly  help them overcome their fears and develop a grounding for better citizens .

Immunity through Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Communicative skills are an integral part of any education system .The institute considers communication as a key to be successful in the business world . The real key to the effectiveness of professionals is their ability to put their domain knowledge into effective practice through effective communication. In this context, soft skills have also a  crucial role to play. If future managers know how to deal with people at the emotional level (peers, subordinates, superiors, clients, suppliers etc.) through Emotional Intelligence (EI), they can build and sustain effective relationships that will result in mutual gain.

At this very level, emphasis has been given to develop the communicative skills of individual so that by the time they leave institute, they are able to participate in public with full zeal of confidence and enthusiasm.


Salient Features


  • Wi-Fi Campus
  • Faculty from industry
  • Foreign industrial visit
  • Outbound Workshops
  • Creativity
  • Industrial visits
  • ERP training with specialization modules
  • Seminars
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Student friendly experimental learning
  • Personality enrichment
  • Aptitude test skills
  • Industry Relevant Curriculum
  • Library
  • Study material
  • Computer classes
  • Etiquette training
  • English classes
  • Incubation centre
  • Live projects
  • Foreign language training
  • Team Building
  • Corporate suit
  • Communication skills
  • Excel,tally classes
  • Interview skills
  • Business writing
  • Stress management
  • Resume writing
  • Interview preperation