Eligibility Criteria for MBA

Choosing MBA as a career has become a rat-race now, everybody wants to pursue it, but is everyone successful? Obviously Not.

So, why do people slip out of becoming an MBA? What are the perfect f parameters that decide whether one can pursue MBA or not? What is the eligibility for MBA?

Eligibility Criteria for MBA

The strive towards MBA.

MBA is one of the most respected and recognized fields of interest among youngsters today. Forgetting the age barriers, it doesn’t introduce any eligibility criteria that might forbid an individual from becoming a dream career.

  • MBA is regarded as a career of recognition, eligibility, preference and a well-to-do Individual. A normally lousy person who doesn’t have much interest cannot become an MBA out of the blue.
  • Though MBA is common to be trying for, not everybody gets an MBA degree. In fact, not everybody gets a seat in one of the top-notch colleges of MBA (that matters a lot).
  • MBA is pursued in pursuit of wealth, power and business administration. An MBA looks after the business affairs of the organization and in the long run, are chosen as the CEO or the chair-person of companies. They are never among the employees whose absence can be withstood by the company. They have a role to play and that’s huge.
  • For a person to be at a good and powerful, it is very obvious that he/she has a goodwill towards work. Now, during the MBA studies itself, the students are taught about the stress management and at the same time gold productivity for the company.

Who can be an MBA?

  • Any individual who pursues a recognized Bachelor’s degree is eligible to pursue or apply for MBA. They can apply in colleges of their choice depending upon the protocol of admission in different colleges.
  • MBA is considered flaunt-worthy if it is done from top management institutes (the topmost being IIMs). To pursue MBA from those institutes, one needs to score the highest percentile in exams like CAT.
  • It doesn’t end with the IIMs. There are several other recognized colleges whose degrees are as worthy. Exams like GMAT, XAT are conducted in order to get admitted to other MBA colleges. A good percentile/rank in one of these would hit the perfect shot to get into a well-established MBA future as your career.
  • If one doesn’t pursue a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institute, there is no chance that he/she is eligible to get into an MBA college. It is one of the basic eligibility criteria of pursuing an MBA degree.

Non-Academic Qualifications.

  • MBA is not an easy degree, you need to go through a lot of hardships and challenges to successfully complete your MBA. They are people who can be trusted and responsible.
  • Leadership is one of the basic qualities required to built or pursued this. The MBA drives the whole company, manager in times of crisis and takes all of the decisions. The person has to be a good leader, decision, and trust-worthy.
  • It is often seen that people pursue a commerce or arts degree and then jump into MBA. But there is no stigma as such that stop science students to pursue the same.There is no barrier or ineligibility that states that MBA is closed for science students. Any graduation degree is apt for MBA.
  • In addition to the requirements, understand that the path may be little tough so never give up. You may not succeed in the first attempt, don’t switch. If you are interested in something, prepare it one more time with extra labor and dedication. You are definitely going to crack it.

No course or degree is superior. It is the individual who makes it valuable. Who so ever you be, be a person of intelligence, self-worth, hard-work and honest. That would matter more than being anything.

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