Special Certification

Paid internship upto Rs. 20,000 p.m. During study

IBMR Unique pedagogy allows students to get to theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge by providing them a opportunity to work in Corporate in their domain specialization area during of course, study at flexi timings . In this manner , students are getting exposure of practical world as well as they are getting guidance from IBMR experienced faculty .

Since Gurgaon is hub of all MNCs and is called corporate capital of India . At IBMR Gurgaon ,Quality Internship opportunity to work among top MNC that too even getting a handsome internship amt up to Rs20,000 p.m. is being provided .

Students may recover full amount of fees what they have spent, during the study itself.

By the time when their Full time Regular MBA got completed , IBMR MBA graduates have advantage over others

They don't have burden of Education loan , as most of the amt they would have been repaid to the banks by the end of course since they start earning during study itself .

Students will not be new to corporate world and its pressure .By the end of course , students will be having a handful of work experience with them.

By the end of course , MBA graduates from IBMR Gurgaon will be having an edge over others MBA Graduates as when other MBA Gradautes will starts their corporate journey , IBMR Graduates will be having experience and will be due for promotions.

IIM Calcutta Certification

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) was established as the first national institute for Post-Graduate studies and Research in Management by the Government of India in November 1961 in collaboration with Alfred P. Sloan School of Management (MIT), the Government of West Bengal,

Over the years, IIMC has grown into a mature institution with global reputation, imparting high quality management education. It has been playing a pioneering role in professionalising Indian management through its Post Graduate and Doctoral level programs, Executive Training Programs, Research and Consulting Activities.

Today, the institute serves as an autonomous body, continually evolving to meet its goals in an ever-changing business environment.

At IBMR – Gurgaon , You have got special privilege to pursue a certificate course offered by IIM Calcutta in Management in specific specialization .
This certificate course will not only enhance the knowledge of the future Managers , but only enable him to get Industry ‘s well accepted and well recognized certifications from One of INDIA’s Top leading Management Institutions INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT , CALCUTTA .

Students enrolled at IBMR Gurgaon has options to enroll for IIM Calcutta Certifications in any two verticals like Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing , E -commerce , Supply Chain and Logistics, Operations , I.T. etc

All students enrolled at IBMR are entilited for IIM Calcutta Certifications and also Meritorious students has chance to Visit and stay ( 4/5 days) at IIM Calcutta and participate at IIM calcutta events and Win prize Rs 2 lakh only, with all expanses to be borne by IIM Calcutta.

Regular MBA along with IIM CALAUTTA Certification will be added advantage for the MBA Aspirants , as they will always be ahead of their fellow MBA aspirants ,in terms of knowledge as well as getting better opportunities due to dual certifications.